About Us

Founder Mike Casey established WEB-USA in 1996 after 20 years in management for two large Caterpillar dealerships. The company has been an innovator in marketing fully retail-ready equipment to dealers worldwide.

Unlike most Internet sellers, we own and stock the equipment on our inventory list. Additionally, with 38 years in the business we can find specific requests for your needs through trusted and proven sources.

With the growth of the Internet and the outpouring of need on the part of customers wishing to buy direct, we are now offering our equipment to all commercial and private users.

We also offer wholesale returns from lease and bank returns at discounted prices. All of which would be safe and ready to work.

Whether your need is for a fully reconditioned forklift or just a working railcar mover, WEB-USA is the right choice. Our reconditioned trucks are equal to or superior to those stocked by any other dealer in the country.

Unless stated, all our sales come with a money back guarantee excluding freight. Terms are net before shipment.