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Logistics businesses, shipping companies and others seeking to transport cargo will require precisely engineered, reliable and efficient container handling equipment to operate. At Web-USA we connect dealers of container handlers with those looking to rent or buy these pieces of equipment. Browse equipment by year range, manufacturer, capacity range, price range, fuel or type of mast. Pick the most suitable listing from hundreds of listings by dealers from across the United States and improve your container handling record. We help to make finding the right equipment easy and hassle-free.
Containers number among the most transported cargo, via land, water and air. Handling of cargo on ships, at docks and warehouses is therefore critical to the freight transport industry. Negligence in handling cargo leads to thousands of spilled containers every year. With the right machines to secure containers to other containers and to the ship, it is possible to minimize container loss.
The cargo securing manual (or CSM) typically contains details of different types of container handling equipment. Each type has a different purpose, from securing the containers to its ship to stacking them one above the other. These include base twistlock, semi automatic twistlock, midlocks, semi automatic base twistlock, hanging staker, lashing rod, turnbuckle and bottle screw.
The listings on our website include both empty container handlers as well as loaded container handlers or reach stackers. A gantry crane is a particularly important type of container handler at the pier, handling containers during the cargo operations. Other typical containers used specifically for port-side container handling include saddle carriers, which carry straddle carriers, trailers, semi-trailers and tractors, side loaders and stacker cranes to help with cargo handling, gantry cranes.
Reach stackers are growing in popularity in container markets. They can transport a container a brief distance in a very short time. These machines can also pile up the containers according to the access available. The great flexibility of reach stackers and a capacity for more storage than lift trucks is what has made the Reach Stacker so popular. Reach stackers can place containers 4-deep because it has access to the second row.
Another feature that separates container handlers from each other is the type of mast.
Types of Mast

Browse from high quality loaded and unloaded container handlers as well as forklift trucks at our portal and find the most suitable equipment for your needs. Every container handler for sale at our site is listed with all relevant details complete. You can browse handling equipment and forklifts based on the following types of mast:
Quad mast

Quad mast forklifts have four stages with a free lift cylinder and 3 inner mast channels. They are very popular because they can perform many different types of functions such as unloading and loading vehicles and also achieving higher lifts.
Three stage mast

Three stage mast forklifts are similar in function and as popular as quad masts. This type has three stages, with one free cylinder and two inner channels. The mast offers the benefit of a reduction in lowered heights with increase in the highest fork heights.
Telescopic mast

Instead of lifting and lowering loads vertically like conventional forklifts do, the forklift with a telescopic mast employs a telescopic boom. This boom has greater reach upwards and forwards.
Truckers mast

A truckers mast is very short, either a two stage or three stage mast with about 60 inches of lift. It also has an extended height of below 84 inches. These masts are typically used in Class IV and V 4000 lb to 6000 lb lift trucks. It is ideal for use in highway trailers with a restricted overhead clearance.
Two stage mast

This type of mast, as the name suggests, has two sections, with the outer section being mounted to the lift truck. As the cylinders extend, the inner section telescopes in the outer section and rises.
Two stage full free mast

Full free masts are designed to let the forks lift to the inner section’s top before the sections of the mast begin to lift. Two stage full free masts have two sections as with the standard two stage mast forklift.
These various types of masts are usually specified by the type, lowered height, freelift and lift height. The lowered height refers to the height between the top of the fully lowered mast and the ground. Lift height refers to the distance from the ground to the upper fork’s top at full extension of the mast.
Masts can be zero freelift, full freelift or limited freelifts. Freelift is meant to allow the controller to lift and maneuver loads in locations where there may be restricted overhead clearance.
What Types of Power to Choose for Container Handling Equipment

Most forklift trucks for container handling run on the following sources of energy:

Diesel is easy to obtain and use, which makes diesel container handler forklifts well-suited for applications with high productivity and in heavy duty applications. Diesel forklifts are available in a variety of lift capacities and sizes, and they can carry pallet loads as easily as several tons of load. They are more fuel efficient than LPG or gasoline-run trucks and more cost-effective, though they can only be used outdoors because of emissions and exhaust fumes.

LPG-powered forklift trucks are very user friendly, environment-friendly, and therefore have a variety of applications. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors, are quiet in operation and clean. LPG can be a less expensive fuel than gasoline or other fuels.

Electric, battery-powered forklift trucks are designed for dry condition use indoors and outdoors. They can be used for a variety of applications like moving goods at floor level and lifting goods from racking. Eco-friendly, quiet, clean and able to handle loads like pallets, stillages and pallet boxes, electric powered container forklifts are powered by heavy, large and powerful lead-acid batteries.
At Web-USA you will find container handling equipment from major brands like Fantuzzi, Hyster, Kalmar, Mijack, Taylor, Terex and others. Choose the manufacturer to consider or browse to compare brands. Listings are available from around the USA and interested individuals or companies need to call via the website for pricing information.