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Financing & Leasing

WEB-USA offers several financing options if you are unable to provide 100% of the cost of the equipment up front. We understand that obtaining a favorable financing deal on your desired equipment can be the difference between keeping your business’s cash flow in the positive or stifling your growth via a chicken or the egg scenario. In other words, you need the equipment you order from us to make you money and pay off your investment in it over time.


Advantages to leasing your equipment rather than buy it outright:

  • Access to better equipment — Since you don’t have to put up nearly as much up front, you can target higher-priced equipment with your search, which can potentially do jobs better and make you even more money
  • Immediate access — You don’t have to wait until you have stored a lot of cash to pull the trigger on a piece of equipment, since the initial payment is much lower.
  • Flexible payment structure — Talk to us about your specific needs. Odds are, we’ll have a solution.
  • A multitude of options — At the end of the lease, you’ll have options: you may return the equipment, purchase it outright, or simply extend the existing contract.

WEB-USA also offers a “rent to own” plan — in-house (minimum 3 month) use of our equipment with rent credit to own if purchased within the rental period.


Through a third party, WEB-USA also offers:

  • Loans for new and used buyers. Credit applications are easy and online
  • Long-term lease plans for users who desire low monthly payments without ownership.
  • Long-term dollar buy-out leases for those who wish to own the equipment but pay monthly.


Something else to take advantage of: the Section 179 deduction.

What is this deduction you ask? Any business can depreciate the value of a piece of equipment over the course of five years (as an example). The purpose behind Section 179 is to allow a business to write off the entire purchase price of the equipment in the same year! Forklifts are a perfect match with this tax code. This deduction applies to any new or used equipment purchase, whether it be financed, leased, or bought outright. If you are an American company or even a start-up, and need to revitalize your existing lift truck equipment, ask about how Section 179 can make your decision to finance your purchase easier.